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Gain deeper insights into your client's financials and key metrics with our real-time CFO cashflow analysis software


  • Real-time Cash Flow Reports
  • Financial Account Aggregation
  • Cash Flow Trends and Charts
  • Consolidated and Individual Accounts
  • Transaction Details and Search
  • Transaction Type Summaries

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Cash Flow Outlook


  • Your Custom Branding
  • CRM Software Customization
  • Integrated Credit Analysis Tools
  • ID and SSN Verification Services
  • View Uploaded Bank Statements
  • Live Lead Acquisition

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How it works


Add Client to CRM

Log into your Sperse account, or assign permissions to your staff to do so. Your client record can be easily added to the CRM system either manually by your staff, or form-filled by your customer, or imported from a file, or via Zapier or API.


Send Verification Request

Send an email or SMS request to the customer. who clicks the link in the message to verify their information and add their bank account(s) so you get instant read-only access to their financials.


See Cashflow Report & Stats

As soon as the client authorizes viewing access to their account, you will receive an alert showing their financial data organized into a Cash Flow report along with all key metrics and charts, as well as transaction details in an electronic format.

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Better decisions with better

Get clear visibility into your customers financials with real-time cash-flow reports directly from the bank accounts.

Have clients connect their financial accounts

Have your clients securely connect their financial accounts from over 15,000 available institutions with read-only permissions to access their transactional data

Let CFO automatically synchronize the data

Your data is automatically synchronized and updated on a daily basis, and financial data is reconciled with your all your accounts.

See your clients financial picture in real-time

Uncover insights about your clients financial data with easy to use reports. Use that to predict future trends and improve your decision process.

CFO is the most powerful software to access real-time cash flow reports directly from the banks!

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